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As an affiliate organization of the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), the purpose of KAIR is to advance research and knowledge leading to greater understanding, planning and operation of institutions of postsecondary education throughout the state of Kentucky

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KAIR 2014 was a success!


The KAIR 2014 Conference is now over and a new year begins.  Plans will be posted as they become available for next year's conference.  Polls may be coming your way to get input on the 2015 KAIR Conference so watch your inbox.  Thank you for a successful year and an interesting conference.  Some presentations from KAIR 2014 are now available and others will be posted as they are received.  Enjoy!


College Readiness and the Use of Placement Tests in Kentucky: Building Validation Arguments
Dmitry Suspitsyn, Ph.D. and Cody Davidson, Ph.D., Kentucky Council
Building an Effective College-Level Decision Support Unit
Jesse Hedge, Raegan Wilson, and Aaron Vaught, University of Kentucky
Course Evaluations: From Paper to Online, A Modern Approach to Student Feedback
Leslie Davis, Western Kentucky University
Identifying Faculty Salary Outliers by Using a Multilevel Regression Model
Becky S. Patterson and Robert Goldstein, University of Louisville
An Analysis of Bottleneck Classes: Large, High-Demand Classes that Slow Students' Progress
Roger Sugarman, Ph.D., Vince Kellen, Ph.D., Craig Rudick, Ph.D., Mary Kathryn Starkey, Adam Recktenwald, Adam Lindstrom, and Andy Johnson, Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Blue Text Analytics: Unlocking Hidden Themes from Your Open-Ended Student Feedback
Antonio Nicolazzo, eXplorance
Blue Text Analytics: Sample Report
Antonio Nicolazzo, eXplorance
Building a Data Dashboard on a Budget
Christina Bollinger, Shunnan Chen, M. S. Sarah Berg, Ph.D. Carissa Shafto, Ph.D. - Galen College of Nursing
Student Success from the Inside Out: Stronger by Degrees
Joy Mordica, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education
Plan, Assess, Analyze, Act: Creating a Comprehensive Approach to Institutional Effectiveness with Campus Labs
Lauren Maguire, Campus Labs and Stacy Edds-Ellis, Ph.D., OCTC